Standard Terminology used in Environmental Forensics with Special Emphasis on U.S. Regulations and Standards.
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Environmental forensics is the use of expertise to resolve environmental disputes. Many of these disputes end up in court, and some do not. There may be an arbitrator involved; it may entail negotiations between attorneys, or it could just involve friendly discussions between former property owners. Potential clients include:

  • Private entities, such as the owners or past owners of properties that have been impacted by pollution;
  • Insurance carriers that currently insure a contaminated property or previously held a policy on an impacted site;
  • Government agencies that have expended public funds on the investigation and/or cleanup of contamination problems where the responsible party was not known or unable to fund the work, and
  • Entities that have been adversely impacted by environmental pollution.

The purpose of the forensic expert is to provide objective answers to some or all of the following questions:

  • When did the environmental event (such as a tank failure or pipeline leak) occur?
  • What is the contamination? Is it gasoline or diesel fuel or kerosene or a combination of many?
  • Who is responsible for the contamination? If there is more than one entity responsible, and if so, how much is each responsible for?
  • How much could the investigation, cleanup and related expenses cost and are the proposed costs reasonable? 

Provided within this web site are several examples of where forensic techniques have been used to answer some of the above questions. Please view our recent projects to learn more.

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